Relays - General Information

Short Course Yards

Relays are formed based on your age and time. There may be multiple relays for a given age group. If that is the case the relay name will have a letter after it, such as "Women's 200 Free 25+ IM-C". We will try to accomodate all of those who want to particpate. However, sometimes you may be asked to swim down an age group. For example, if you are 45 and the 35+ relay needs another, you will be asked to swim in th 35+ age group instead of the 45+. Age groups are: 19+, 25+, 35+. 45+. 55+. 65+. 75+, 85+.


Long Course Meters

Your age for long course meters meets is the age you are on December 31 of that year instead of your actual age.  Relay age groups are also determined differently.

The aggregate age of the four relay team members shall determine the age group . Age groups are as follows: 72–99, 100–119, 120–159, 160–199, 200–239, 240–279, 280–319, 320–359, 360–399 ... (40-year increments as high as necessary). 

In addition, there may be more than one relay per age group. They will be designated IM-A, IM-B, ect.  An example may be "Mixed Free 160-199 IM-A".


Illinois Masters
World Record Holders

Jim Tuchler, Andrea Block, Liz Dillman and Dave Sims set 4 World Records in 2015.


Long Course

200-239 Age Group

400 Mixed Free - 4:02.62

400 Mixed Medley - 4:33.17


Short Course Meters 

200-239 Age Group

400 Mixed Medley - 4:23.63

800 Mixed Free - 8:39.63