FMC Natatorium - Come on down!

Wouldn't you like to swim in a clean, bright, state-of-the-art pool right here in Illinois? Of course you would. All USMS swimmers, no matter what your workout group, are welcome to swim at the brand new FMC Natatorium in Westmont. There is no FMC masters group, only those who choose to workout at "the best pool in Illinois, better than IUPUI" according to Janet Goodrich. For $65/month (plus an annual $15 facility fee) you, too, can swim unlimited number of coached practices at this beautiful facility.

How do I join? First register online. Next, reserve a workout time - see the table below. Then confirm that you will be attending the evening before your practice. You will then receive a pool and lane assignment for the next morning.


5:30-7:00am practice*

100 yard pace: 1:20-1:30

Average # swimmers is 80

26 lanes available

3 people/lane

seibts AT aol DOT com

Coach Andy Seibt


7:00-8:30am practice*

100 yard pace: 1:20-1:40

Average # swimmers is 55

26 lanes available

1-3 people/lane

seibts AT aol DOT com

Coach Andy Seibt

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 3.46.07 PM.png

10:30-12:00pm practice*

100 yard pace: any

Average # swimmers is 5

9 lanes available

1 person/lane

This practice is more individualized. All workouts are scalable to fit your needs. In addition, you will get helpful tips and corrections from one of five different experienced coaches who are also competitive swimmers. It's almost like getting a private lesson.

Cindy Jones, Barb Groshans, Georgia McDaniels, and Sara Hacker

Coach Liz Dillman

11:00am - 1:00pm on Thursdays
Open Diving on 1 and 3m boards ($240 for 8 weeks)

"FMC is a very welcoming environment, people are very friendly,  the air and water quality is excellent."   

                        Georgia McDaniel

Are there Covid-19 precautions? You must be masked when entering and walking around the building. Your temperature will be taken. If you are within normal range, you will be expected to take off your shoes and place them in a cubby. There are four locker rooms available for changing, as well as two family restrooms and two on-deck restrooms. You may take a pre-swim shower on deck. (Soap and shampoo are allowed.) Bathrooms are also limited to on deck only.

Ready to swim? Proceed to your assigned pool and lane. Slip into the refreshing crystal clear, odorless chlorinated water and let it envelop your body. Push off the wall into the 8'7"-14' deep water. Surface on still water thanks to the giant wave-eater lane lines. Inhale filtered air which is constantly circulating. Check the closest of the six pace clocks for the start time of the main set.

Even though the early morning coach is in the water, swimmers in the west and east pools manage to start the sets together. Friendly competition and camaraderie abounds. In between intervals, music plays on the amazing surround sound system. Perhaps a sprint set is next? Diving from the sleek Myrtha starting blocks with adjustable wedges make you feel like an Olympian. Time for cool down already? What a great workout!

*Scheduled Masters times may change due to FMC events. Information is always up to date on the website.

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Click link above for FMC contact page.

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